Personal  Health  Profile  Manager   
A Fifty Year Health Journal

What It's All About

    The Personal Health Profile Manager  is a tool designed to keep track of yearly medical appointments, tests, hospitalizations, surgeries, prescribed medications, and more, over a span of fifty years. The Personal Health Profile Manager  is a detailed health record keeping system that can be used everywhere, by everyone. 

Daily planners and yearly calendars are not designed to handle the type of medical information which is contained  in the Personal Health Profile Manager, and do not cover a period of fifty years. 

   The span of this record is important to the doctor as he/she will need to know your previous medical history and treatments, hospitalizations, and other physicians involved in your care.  The span is important to you, the patient, in order to avoid drug interactions, unnecessary medical tests, and duplicate prescriptions in order for you to obtain optimal medical care.

Enhancing Your Experience

 The Personal Health Profile Manager  is a very straightforward, easy to use yearly record keeping system that includes:  
  • date, time and location of appointments
  • doctor's name, telephone and address
  • prescription information
  • hospitalizations and surgeries
  • work place and motor vehicle accidents
  • emergency room and walk in clinic visits
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Who Is Using It

Here are a few of the health conscious people who are using the Personal Health Profile Manager ...
  • chronic disease suffers
  • children/caregivers of aging parents
  • new mothers
  • everyone who truly cares about their health
It's your health.  Why not be the keeper of your own medical information.
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About us

 The Personal Health Profile Manager  has been around since 2009.   It's creation happened as a result of being a medical secretary for over 25 years, listening to patients vent their frustrations and confusion over multiple appointments, multiple physicians, and multiple medications.  I wanted to make their life less stressful, reduce their anxiety, and help them organized, and hope I have achieved that.  Your health is important. Keeping your health organized is just as important.  I truly hope you find your Personal Health Profile Manager  helpful!   
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